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Berlin-based DJ, producer and Never Not Now label co-founder Naty Seres certainly is on the rise. Having established herself as one of the local music community's freshest faces, she brings her breaks-driven and techno-focused DJ sets to Berghain's main floor as a resident, and from there to dance floors worldwide.

Born in central Germany in the late 80’s Naty Seres grew up listening to D'n'B and eventually earned her stripes as a DJ in the psytrance scene during the mid noughties. Upon her move to the German capital in 2009 she's dived head-first into Berlin's many- faceted techno nightlife, soon immersing herself in a new sound – from club to club, from guest to selector, from dancing on Berghain's main floor to a DJ and now resident in its booth. Techno eventually informed her own sets towards a faster but groovier, acid and rave influenced style of DJing. Her rhythmically unpredictable sets manoeuvre between styles and genres, her approach to sound is on the one hand fast and dynamic, yet always with a groove.

While the artistic side of things is imperative for her, she is well familiar with the operative tasks of club culture: For seven years Naty was one of the main organisers of the Freqs of Nature Festival known for its experimental music and art. Being responsible for the programming of the six-day event southwest of Berlin-Brandenburg, booking its techno and electronic line-up’s and overall creative concept. She knows the ins and outs of the business – while at the same time having a deep understanding for musical curation and how to connect heads with hearts.

Freqs of Nature also sparked another passion she’s since turned into profession: 
As a producer Naty Seres started out from an early leaning to produce music with computer, implementing a modular system in her setup quite soon after. The devotion for manipulating samples, slicing drum breaks and experimenting with harmonies eventually led to a more Ableton-based system within her setup. Naty is boldly exploring genres and draws from widely crossed influences. Other than her fast- paced DJ sets, her studio tracks are often slower, influenced by breakbeat and other broken rhythms, breathing of melodies and vocals, explorative but harmonic. Besides club dance floors, another creative outlet for her music is the label platform Never Not Now that she co-runs alongside close friends.

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